Brad Lidge Blows it Aga...Oh, Nevermind: The Eight O'Clock Game

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The Phillies survived another exciting ninth inning performance by closer Brad Lidge to beat the Mets last night 5-4. There are no players or coaches or batboys or peanut vendors on that team who actually want an exciting inning when Brad Lidge is pitching, but Pat Gillick made his bed and now he has to eat his cake. Or something.

After Pedro Feliz hit a tie-breaking pinch-hit ding-dong in the seventh inning, J.C. Romero survived an eighth inning double to hold the game, bringing Lidge in for the save. Lidge walked Damion Easley (he's still employed?) and Jose Reyes tapped a grounder up the middle that nicked off Lidge's glove. With runners on first and second and none out, Phillies fans everywhere were reaching for the Tylenol PM and Bacardi 151, but Lidge struck out Luis Castillo and got David Wright to foul out. Phillies shortstop Eric Bruntlett did his best (albeit whitest) impression of Jimmy Rollins and snared a hard-hit grounder by Carlos Beltran to end the game.

Oh by the way, Chase Utley had two home runs and trails only Chipper Jones in the NL OPS race. David Wright is in third place, so for anyone who thought Hanley Ramirez was the best NL infielder, go screw.

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We were flipping past this while watching the Celtics game and when Lidge was warming up we joked that we should stay and watch Lidge blow the game.

On second thought there's nothing funny about being able to predict that. It's just kind of depressing.

I see ding-dongs is a meme now.

The wife, who knows little of the nation's pastime, remarked "if I didn't know better, I would think that the Lidge guy is trying to lose."

She was just returning the favor, I said the same about the pan-Asian girl on Oprah's Big Give.

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