Breaking: CC Sabathia Officially Joins Yankee Rotation

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zoltar-1.jpgI may have been a bit premature last time, but this time it's for real! The baseball world is reeling today from the news that CC Sabathia has officially become a New York Yankee. Sabathia is said to already be preparing for his first start with the club, scheduled for April 2, 2009.

Oh dammit they got me again! He hasn't left, it's just that the Indians announced Fausto Carmona's new contract today. The deal is guaranteed for 4 years but has options for up to 7; guarantees $15 with up to $48 in options and incentives. The first thing Rob said was, "Bye Bye, CC" and about 15 minutes later Peter Abraham ran with it:

"If he gets on the market, the Yankees figure to be serious players for Sabathia. Don't forget, the Yankees will be clearing a ton of salaries after the season including Jason Giambi and the $11 million wasted on Carl Pavano."
Indeed, the Yankees do show significant interest in major free agents. And pinstripes are so slimming! Spot on!
I kid. I love Abraham's stuff, but a year of this is going to make me gouge my eyes out.

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gouge away!!

Hey, at least Sabathia is having a fantastic 2008 season.

Fausto needs a new agent. I couldn't even make single-A ball, but I would still never sign a contract that could net me, at most, $63.

I was shocked by that total too.

I mean that's only enough to buy 7 sets of Vintage Arctic Cat Snowmobile Styrofoam Cups.

There are so many things I don't understand about that item. The fuck's an Arctic Cat, and why does it get it's own styrofoam cup?

Drink from one, and all will be clear to you.

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