Brewers Fans Are Entrepreneurial, F**king Disgusting

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So, how did that Brewers' home opener go...ahem...turn out?

    With portable toilets in short supply outside Miller Park today, some enterprising folks saw an opportunity to create their own comfort zones.

    Beer-drinking tailgaters could have waited in line for more than a half-hour to relieve themselves at the parking lots' official potties. Or they could have paid the parking lot businessman.

    One fellow set up a plywood screen around a 30-gallon plastic barrel and charged $1 for a one-time use. By about 2:15 p.m. the entrepreneur had gone to the game, and the barrel was one-third filled.

Maybe now that Bernie Brewer can no longer slide into a mug of beer he can now slide into a 30-gallon barrel of piss.

Brewers fans drink a lot of beer so naturally they will have to relieve themselves a lot more than, say, your typical wine-sipping cheese-eating Patriots fan. But the only thing I can imagine more disgusting than a barrel one-third full of urine is what Brewers fan Danielle Loche had to say:

"Three people told me they were wearing Depends diapers"

Game, set, match.

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Twenty Years From Now:

"You see kids, I came to America in 2007 with $10 in my pocket. After my first Milwaukee piss barrel experiment went so well, I decided to expand it all throughout the midwest. 2 years later it expanded to 41 states and I bought my first house. Now I fly to the grocery store in a diamond encrusted helicopter."

the only thing I can imagine more disgusting than a barrel one-third full of urine

What about a barrel TWO-thirds full of urine?

Or even THREE-thirds?!

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