Brewers Fans No Longer Cold, Still Burdened by an Infinite Sadness

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Remember way back, in the formative days of Walkoff Walk, when we watched the video of the Brewers fans freezing their asses off waiting for tickets for their home opener? No? Well go watch it, and then come back here for a hilarious follow-up post.



Okay, so today is the Brewers' home opener! Luckily for those crazy fans, Miller Park has a retractable roof to regulate the temperature and weather for the comfort of players and fans alike. Today's weather in Milwaukee is sunny but chilly, not unlike the disposition of that reporter. Yes she's bright and charismatic on camera, but off camera, she is a wicked ballbreaker. (full disclosure: she is not a wicked ballbreaker but actually just a soulless robot-reporteress)

In other good news for the Brewer fans, their team gets to face the light-hitting Giants today. Is Bengie Molina still hitting cleanup for San Francisco? Cripes, that's like having Ron Santo as your middle linebacker.

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I had no idea Gus Van Sant was such a Brewers fan.

Is that Bob Uecker or Karl Lagerfeld?

Clare, the one on the left or the one on the right?

Good thing for that roof...back at the old County Stadium Bernie Brewer froze his beer nuts off until June.

I want to go back to the Miller Brewery. I love High Life almost as much as I love baseball. Drinking it straight out of the fermy was like seeing Babe Ruth's glove at the Hall of Fame.

And both got me drunk.

"And both got me drunk."

it's pretty difficult for something not to get you drunk

Ron Santo in 1970 or Ron Santo today?

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