Calling It Rogers Centre Doesn't Change What Happened To Hulk Hogan

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Wrestlemania6-2.jpgThe Toronto B-Jays (what? it's shorthand) have their home opener tonight against the Red Sox of Boston. They're 23-8 all time in home openers which is pretty good, I think. I dont really feel like looking up other home opener records. It's Shaun Marcum against Tim Wakefield. Marcum showed some great flashes last season and I think he could have one of those breakout years the kids are always talking about.

More importantly, this week was the 18th anniversary of one of the biggest travesties in the history of sports entertainment, and it took place in this very SkyDome Rogers Centre. You see, Hulk Hogan was defending his World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship against The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI. Hulk had the thing won, but the ref was knocked out cold and couldn't count the pin. By the time a replacement ref arrived, Ultimate Warrior had turned the tide.

I won't say I cried that night. I will say I was 8 and I didn't take it very fucking well. At all.

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Good thing you haven't been keeping it all bottled up, CTC.

Was this Ultimate Warrior Version 1.0?

Marcum looked great tonight, and was one pitch away from a dominant outing...Tallet continues to surprise me with his effectiveness...and seeing the score of the Tampa-New York game at the same time was icing on the cake

I will say I cried, but only because I was a big fan of Akeem. Boss Man jobbed 'im!

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