Camp Tiger Claw Plays Well With Others

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Our very own Camp Tiger Claw has been invited to participate in an exclusive web contest run by one of the baseball blogs at the New York Daily News. It is The Second Annual Player Pick Pool, and I'll let blogger Jesse Spector explain his little competition:

If you don't remember from last season, the rules are simple - each week, panelists will pick one player, who will accrue points from Monday through Sunday, with one point awarded for each hit, homer, run scored, RBI and stolen base he gets. Once you've picked a player, you may not pick him again.

The baseball season is about 26 weeks long, and by my count, there are approximately 15 players capable of hitting for power, hitting for average, and swiping a base. This contest can be won by slotting those 15 players properly over the course of the season and getting lucky with 10 or 11 other fellas. Alternately, you can use Camp Tiger Claw's strategy and pick Manny Ramirez because he's a total homer.

Here are the participants in this wicked game:

  • Los Angeles-based comedian Mike Schmidt. You'd think if you shared your name with the great Philly third baseman, you'd change your nom de plume to pursue a career in stand-up. Mike has a podcast; the only episode on his website is 20 minutes long and I made it through 3 minutes befo...zzzzzz. He's the defending champion of this little game so he obviously spent way too much time picking his players based on pitching matchups and meteorological forecasts. Of course he has a lot of time on his hands...he's a stand-up comic!
  • editor Will Leitch. Will finished in last place in the inaugural Player Pick Pool, undoubtedly because he kept picking Willie McGee each week.
  • senior writer Jonathan Mayo. He recently wrote a deep investigative book about Roger Clemens and his involvement in the steroid scandal. Mayo gets to the heart of the matter by interv....wait, what? Clemens wrote the foreword to the book? It's just a fluff piece? Next.
  •'Chief Justice' Marc Edelman. Let me try and explain what this SportsJudge site is all about: you pay them actual real life money to settle disputes in your fantasy league. A lot of money. And then they produce actual legalese-sounding decisions. I am not shitting you. Hey, it's your nickel, Bub.
  • Jesse Spector, who writes the blog in question and runs this little contest. I like the cut of his jib. His blog covers all of baseball and is not team-specific; this is a rarity among mainstream media sports bloggers.
  • My associate and blogbrother Camp Tiger Claw.

Allow me to get meta for a second as I predict the outcome of this prediction game. Camp Tiger Claw will win in a romp because he has a sekrit weapon.

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We settle all disputes in my fantasy league with drunken games of "Operation."

But I'm sure that sportsjudge thing works fine too.

I didn't think it was possible to make fantasy sports anymore nerdy.

Thank you Chief Justice Marc Edelman

Do you think that Marc Edelman patrols the ESPN Fantasy boards, replying to all of the "rate this trade" posts?

Hey... I heard Camp Tiger Claw was Deadspin Commenter of the Year, too! What a swell guy.

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