Corey Patterson Watch: Game One

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The Reds lost their first game under new manager Dusty Baker, 4-2 to the Diamondbacks. Arizona used a strong pitching performance by ace Brandon Webb and three solo home runs to their advantage, but they also had a sekrit weapon: Corey Patterson leading off for the other team.

Former Oriole Corey Patterson went 0-for-4 and left three Reds on base in his debut as the Cincinnati center fielder. He's got a career .297 on-base percentage; this simply will not do as your leadoff hitter, Dusty!

On the other hand, perhaps I should be enjoying the schadenfreude that Dusty Baker brings to the Reds lineup. After all, I hate the Reds and I hate Dusty Baker. Did you know that in almost seven full seasons, Patterson has drawn only 150 bases-on-balls? Did you know that Barry Bonds drew 151 bases-on-balls in a single season? And that was 1996, before his alleged steroid use began.

Yes, I think I will enjoy following Patterson's suckitude as the leadoff hitter. Perhaps I will continue to update you on his pathetic showing on a semi-irregular basis until either (a) it gets boring or (b) he starts doing well. Full disclosure: Corey is an above-average defensive center fielder and he is one of the best base-stealers in the NL Central. Also full disclosure: I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to evaluating player talent and only listen to what others tell me.

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An outfield of Bruce, Dunn, and Griffey would be a defensive disaster. I know offense > defense in almost all situations, but it's not like Jay Bruce or Ryan Freel are proven offensive commodities. I'm in the minority here, but I think this makes sense.

Batting Dunn fifth does not make sense.

I see your point regarding defense. I also cannot suggest a replacement for Patterson in the leadoff spot, but maybe Dusty should move him down to, say, batting 38th.

1) The Big Donkey would be a better lead-off hitter than Patterson.

2) I am moving WoW down to the bottom of my favorites folder until you stop using that gotdamned picture of Dusty in a Cubs uni making love to the camera. This will not actually have any affect on you, but I hope you learn a lesson from it anyway.

You can't spell Corey Patterson's Balls without OBP.

Patterson may not be the best at getting on base, or not making outs, or whatever, but what about grittiness? Heart? Palpable excitement? THOSE factors win ballgames, not run production or OPS.

i think just about anyone would do better than patterson leading off, but patterson hasn't played in "almost 7 full seasons." he's averaged just 120 games/year for the past 7 years.

I know who gave Kaz Matsui his anal fissures

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