Dey Took Our Jerbs: Starters Moving to the Bullpen

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Perhaps the only thing more embarrassing for a veteran Major League starting pitcher than giving up a home run to Jason Kendall would be getting demoted to the bullpen. Here are three such pitchers who might be facing this utter and soul-sucking humiliation:

Kyle Kendrick: No, the Phillies don't exactly have a bunch of available arms to fill his spot, but that didn't stop Uncle Cholly from pushing Kendrick's next start up a bit in favor of the shockingly decent Adam Eaton. Kendrick has allowed 12 hits and 8 walks in just 7 and 1/3 innings pitched across two starts. He's not really pitching this season, he's nibbling around the strike zone and has only struck one dude out (haw haw Josh Fogg). Looks like Baseball Prospectus' forecast of Kendrick was spot on. Here it is: "Yuck" Oh well, there's always Japan. Possible replacement: Ryan Madson.

Rich Hill: Well this one has already been signed, sealed and delivered by Lou Piniella, as Hill already spent the past weekend in the bullpen, presumably to sweep up Carlos Marmol's discarded sunflower seeds. Hill's first start this season was serviceable, allowing just 2 runs on 4 hits across 6 innings in a Cubs' loss to the go-go Astros. In his second start, he went just 3 innings, letting in 3 runs, 3 hits, and 4 walks. Says Lou, "In the first inning [Thursday night], he was just aiming it. When he came back after the first inning, he looked a little confused." Ouch. Former starter Jon Lieber has been stellar coming out of the 'pen in long relief. Possible replacement: Lieber.

Dave Bush: Brewers right-hander Bush is carrying a hefty 8.44 ERA after two road starts this season, one against the Cubs and one against the Reds (our friend Corey Patterson had a double off the guy). With hard-throwing Yovani Gallardo coming off the DL soon there will be a logjam in the Brewers' rotation. When you're stinking up the joint as badly as Bush is, chances are that Ned Yost is going to Febreze him right into the bullpen, or even worse, option him down to Triple-A Nashville. Possible replacement: Gallardo (or holy crap, Jeff Weaver)

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When he came back after the first inning, he looked a little confused.

He sounds as good at his job as I am at mine.

When he came back after the first inning, he looked a little confused.

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