Frank Thomas Released By Blue Jays; Several Teams Could Use Him, Including Blue Jays

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frank_thomas_autograph.jpgThe Blue Jays and Frank Thomas parted ways yesterday afternoon. Thomas called into Baseball Tonight and spoke to Chris Berman about it. He sounded relaxed and said the whole thing was amicable, which I believe. How could it not be? Frank Thomas believes he can be an every day player, the Blue Jays disagree, by letting him go they get out of his $10 million option for next year, and Thomas gets to go shop his wares to some middle of the pack AL contenders that need a big bat. The part about all of this that's too bad is that the Blue Jays themselves are one of the teams that fits that description. One of the big beneficiaries of Thomas' departure looks to be Matt Freaking Stairs. The Big Hurt does not seem too keen on compromise.

But what's passed is passed, so where is Thomas going to go? Seattle needs power and their DH situation isn't exactly working out. If they could work in regular playing time, the Royals, Orioles and to a lesser extent, Rangers all make sense.

The thing I'm reminded of speculating on the one dimensional, defensively moot Thomas is that SOMEONE SHOULD SIGN BARRY BONDS.

Just not Toronto, cause Richard Griffin would totally freak out.

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But hey, Toronto's got Rod Barajas at DH! What could go wrong?!?

Other designated hitters that Frank Thomas is outproducing this year (by OPS):

Frank Thomas, NONE, .639

Jack Cust, OAK, .623
Jose Vidro, SEA, .598
Jason Giambi, NYY, .571
David Ortiz, BOS, .507

Those Blue Jay brass better shut it before they get the business end of a pillow right in the kisser.

Message for the Twins front office:


Yes, because Jason Kubel is so much better at DH'ing.

He is doing better then Frank the Tank plus he has a lot more upside then Frank. That's not really the point though. I don't care if we had Jason Tyner as our DH, I would not want to see the big hurt in a Twins uniform. It would be a sad day in Minneapolis.

Yeah, as an A's fan, I can totally see the harm in signing Thomas to a 1-year, incentive-laden DH contract.

-Greatest signing ever

That comment by Farthammer was the 94th comment of the day; we just broke the record for most comments ever in a single day at Walkoff Walk.

Cue the streamers, balloons and confetti!

Does he win something?

Never trust a man with two first names.

Oh man, I just picked up a bulk lot of 25 '90 Leaf Thomas RCs. Shit, shitshitshitshit. They're PSA 8s!

Also, I think comment records should be separated into Live Glog days and non-Live Glog days.

I vote to award me something that has 94 in the name. E.g. a Debi Diamond compilation VHS from '94.

I am pretty sure I have a collectable pin from the 94 Olympics in Lillehammer.

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I have the pipe I laid into Nancy Kerrigan.

You are a bastion of statistical knowledge, Rob. May your first born son be strong of heart, mind, and loin.

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