Fun With Small Sample Sizes

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snickers.jpgOne week into the season, the standings don't mean a hell of a lot. That being said, it's at least interesting to see the AL East and the AL Central look the exact opposite of how I thought they would. After week one, Baltimore leads the East with Boston at the bottom, and Detroit sits winless at the bottom of the Central. Are there any lasting trends we can take out of this first slate of games? Let's take a look.

Baltimore: New closer George Sherrill is 3 for 3 on save chances, but they've had to come behind a couple of times already and the starters still look shaky. At the very least they've shown they win games, given the rookies some confidence, and made this look like more than a hollow claim.

Boston: Yes, they look tired. That was repeated ad nauseum throughout the weekend. There's definitely validity to that, we discussed it three weeks ago. But placing all the blame there smacks of excuse. The more glaring problem is the bullpen. Manny Delcarmen hasn't been able to get anyone out and Papelbon looked hittable in camp before they even left for Japan. It looks like an early weakness that Japan may have amplified, but certainly didn't cause.

Chicago, Kansas City & Detroit: Good starting pitching. Buerhle rebouned from a tough opening day last night against Detroit. Bannister, Meche and Greinke all looked great last week against, umm... Detroit. This mixed bag can shake out in a million ways, but if I had to guess, I'd go with:

  • Chicago pitching: will falter
  • Kansas City pitching: will stay solid
  • Detroit hitting: will pick up (it has to, right?)

But I underestimated Chicago's new energy at bat and on the basepaths. However it plays out, after one week the Central looks more interesting than anyone expected.

Just like that time I slapped a cop. Total chaos.

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And what's up with the Cardinals? I mean airline food.

Detroit's bats will heat up, and they're going to have to if Leyland's options out of the pen continue to be guys like Zach Miner, Francis Beltran and the immortal Yorman Bazardo.

At least they have Todd Jones.

God, I hate that they call the little candy bars "Fun Size." What's so fun about them?

But seriously, what's the deal with the Cardinals?

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