Game of the Night: A's and Angels Want the West

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The game of the night features the Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Angels of Angelheim battling it out for first place in the American League West. Surprisingly successful starter Dana Eveland faces less-surprisingly successful starter Ervin Santana. Santana looks to become just the second Angels starter to go 5-0 in the month of April since Frank Tanana did it 30 years ago. The first to do it since then? Joe Saunders, who did it last night by shutting out the A's.

Eveland has a handful of wins, too, so he's no stranger to April success. He is, however, a stranger to the Angels HAVING NEVER FACED THEM EVER. He's also not a stranger to the stage, having done some summer stock a few years back. He's also read The Stranger by Albert Camus three times, and seen the film Stranger Than Fiction starring Will Ferrell once while on a cross-country flight.

The game starts at 10:05 EDT so I assume only our commenter Farthammer will be watching. I look forward to enjoying the highlights on in the AM.

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So the Angels would be like 24-1 if Lackey and Escobar were healthy.

When he gets sick of jerking off the same way all the time he sits on his hand for a while and does the Stranger.

Favorite Willie Nelson album? "Red Headed Stranger." True story.

For the first time in roughly 6 years I am going to drink a 40 of OE tonight for the game. Expect even dumber comments than my usual fare.

Welp, sounds like I'm staying up for the game then too.

To the High Life!

Also, the only people I've ever known that have seen Stranger Than Fiction saw it on airplane. I saw it on the way to England. Well part of it, then I passed out cause it was lousy.

Will Ferrell instead of questions? I am NOT happy about this development.

We're now mixing up the terribly proofread and trite "Tonight's Questions" with the insightful "Game Of The Night."

It's like tuning in to an old episode of Bewitched. You're either going to get the Darren you like or the Darren you hate, but either way Samantha is still hot.

I hate baseball.

Holy shit did anyone see the Tony Gwynn DVT commercial? He looks like he ate hecka cheeseburgers recently.

Casey Kotchman can eat a dick with his stupid RBIs.

More like Casey KROTCHman.

But I LIKE questions. Gives me something to talk about with my mom in the basement.

WHEN am I going to get a later curfew?

Nice, CTC. seems that the Brewers can't help but pitch themselves into jams in late innings...even when they're already down by nine.

Ball four. Make that down by ten.

WHO will the Brewers have to trade to get a Major League bullpen?

Ned Yost?

Dude. The first two or three sips of OE are actually good. The last 50 suck more than almost anything besides the second 40.

WHAT time willFarthammer wake up for work?

Farthammer I haven't seen the Tony Gwynn commercials, but I do see him at the beer store on the package for these caffienated sunflower seeds (!?). The TG quote on the package says, "Man, I love these seeds," and he's fucking huge.

The fuck are they "caffeinated" with? Ranch sauce? (burn!)

And when did it become ok for Tony Gwynn to have grey colirng in his goatee? Tony Gwynn is not allowed to age.

FYI, Jack Cust set an MLB record last year by having 53.1% of all plate appearances being either a K or a BB. So far this year he is at 54%.

Ok, I'm gonna go try and wake up my fiance to make out. Sniff you guys later.

Jack Cust has polio.

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