'Hardball Made Easy' Videos Are Good

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Ron Stilanovich is the new Tom Emanski, except with a sense of humor and proclivity to use naughty words. He sends along a link to his video page on YouTube and I've taken the initiative to embed my favorite of the videos below:

Yes, that is indeed the one and only Matt Kemp. I tend to think that 'parody is dead', but these videos made me laugh. They're clever and quick and funny AND BASEBALL-RELATED so I don't feel bad posting them here. Please to enjoy!

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I'd vote that whole video into the Hall of Fame.

Except "The Gary C."

Who's up for a Hobo Ambush tonight??


Who's up for a Hobo Ambush tonight??

Most of my family is in Florida.

I'm using ERP in the office right now and my Friday productivity is off-the-charts.

When are we going to see the WoW instructional video of Camp Tiger Claw striking out Wil Cordero in wiffle ball?

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