Hey Piniella, How's Your 401-K Looking?

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dusty.jpgPaul Sullivan of Chicagosports.com wrote a piece about Dusty Baker's return to Wrigley. The piece is fair enough and includes a couple of good bits, including a pretty sweet slap on the wrist from Derrek Lee towards Cubs fans. There was also this passing reference that I found interesting:

"Most ex-Cub managers don't get the opportunity to come back to Chicago and manage against their former team because they never find another managerial job. Baker knew that when he left town, and wondered aloud whether he would get another opportunity."

How true of a statement is that? Well since Leo Durocher left in 1972 the following guys have never had another managerial gig after the Cubs:

*indicates interim manager

  • Whitey Lockman
  • Herman Franks
  • Joey Amalfitano
  • Preston G√≥mez
  • Charlie Fox*
  • Jim Frey
  • Gene Michael
  • Frank Lucchesi*
  • Don Zimmer
  • Jim Essian
  • Tom Trebelhorn
  • Jim Riggleman
  • Don Baylor
  • Bruce Kimm*
That's incredible! That's 14 out of 20 managers before Dusty Baker! Is there a paper shredder by the clubhouse door that they just put their resume in on the way out? If I was getting fired by the Cubs I'd just take my dick out at the press conference. What do I have to lose? I'm not getting another job anyway.

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GAHHHH, Bedroom Eyes are back!

Oh c'mon, Honeynut. We met you halfway and stopped using it for Reds stories.


If the Chicago Cubs were the Star Wars movie franchise, Dusty Baker would be Harrison Ford.


Even though I provided the new Reds pic, I am still a fan of Sultry Dusty.

Although, I'm certain he was focused on a box of Easy Mac when the above picture was taken.

Wow that is major suckitude. You can probably go ahead and add Dirty Lou to that list right now... have you seen him walk to the mound for a pitching change recently? Guy looks like his knee is made of Dusty Baker's old discarded toothpicks.

Corey Patterson also wondered aloud if he would ever get to play for Dusty again. Thankfully, both of their dreams came true.

All these comments are just clogging up this post.

I refuse to believe that Jim Frey did not later go on to some temporary literary acclaim...

If Leyland would've kicked your punk ass when he had the chance, maybe you wouldn't be repeatedly torturing me w/ that goddam picture.

And yah, we get it, the Cubs have sucked for a long time.

They were good the year they had Henry Rowengartner.

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