I Have Eaten The Plums In The Icebox: Today's Afternoon Game

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strohs.jpg2:20, Pirates at Chicago: Lou's crew done got their 3 game winning streak snapped by our man Dusty and his Reds yesterday. They'll try to get back in the happy column this afternoon. Playing the Bucs is usually good for what ails ya, but the Cubs shouldn't be overconfident today facing Pittsburgh's best starter Ian Snell. Compounded by the fact that Rich Hill is making his first start after a bullpen demotion, the Cubbies may need some extended offensive foreplay if they want any Afternoon Delight. I'll address Soriano's calf injury later today in Creampuff.

Interesting streak watch: The Pirates have committed an error in 14 straight games matching the team record set in 1946. Keep reaching for the stars, Pirates.

One of the biggest errors I ever made was drinking an entire 12 pack of Stroh's. That shit is disgusting. High Life, please. I thought of a worse one. In college we used to celebrate Festivus, because we were morons. We added our own twist every year, that on Festivus Eve everyone had to drink their own personal jug of Carlo Rossi table wine. The big huge jugs. I think the last year that I did it I turned all grey except for my lips which were black from the wine stain. I passed out on the kitchen floor, moaning in my sleep. Unfortunately, I think there's video floating around somewhere.

Hey commenters, what's the biggest error you've ever made?

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I was offered
the chance to
interview Kylie Minogue.

I didn't do it;
I was too intimidated
By her.

She's so very famous
So tiny and
So fabulous.

This one time, I assumed that my troops would overcome the English because we outnumbered them, but I failed to account for the difficulty of mounting a cavalry attack on muddy ground as well as the deadly effectiveness of the longbow.

Wait... fuck. Sorry. That was Charles VI.

(also Clare you win)

Can I just say my entire first year out of high school? That was my Steve Blass year.

This feels entirely unacceptable after the first two responses.

OK, so this one time I left a really inadequate comment on Walkoff Walk...

I fouled off a beauty of a pitch in the state semifinal my senior year of high school. Annnnnd I'm majoring in mechanical engineering, which seems like a huge error when I have to slave away in the computer lab when it's 75 and sunny.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Eating an 1/8th of mushrooms in highschool about 10 minutes before my friend's parents came home early and busted us drinking. It was like Supertroopers, only not funny.

Agreeing to go with my fiance to her parents house this weekend.

Seeing Rickey on the sidewalk!!!

- Mitch H

Falling down the stairs and breaking my ankle on St. Patrick's day 07.

Being too drunk to realize it was broken and walking 2 blocks on a broken ankle and also dislocating it and tearing ligaments.

Usually I wear protection, but then I thought to myself, "when am I going to get back to Haiti?"

In 2003 I stole a skywriting plane and wrote "2 + 2 = 5"

One time I took an open drink from CTC and woke up 4 hours later in a T station with my shoes gone and honey mustard all over my shirt.

I got involved in a land war with Asia. You know, Asia. The prog rock supergroup that brought us such hits as "Heat of the Moment" and "Only Time will Tell". Really, it was one of my classic blunders.

Biggest Error: Reading this instead of working.*

*now i need a job

Organizing a tequila and hashish party in Denver. I woke up the next day lying in someone's front lawn on Colfax Street with a huge gash on my forehead.

Using shampoo to "power shag" when I was 13.

Cloning dinosaurs from the DNA found in mosquitos trapped in 65 million year old fossilized amber.

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