I Have Measured Out My Life With Coffeespoons: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 3:35, Indians at Angels: Paul Byrd drags his righteous Christian ass to the hill to take on Shane Dustin Moseley. The Angels bullpen has been making like 85% of all MLB bullpens and blowing leads with startling regularity. You know who else blows stuff with startling regularity? Your sister.

  • 3:40, Dodgers at Diamondbacks: Hiroki Kuroda had the ice in him in his first start and will need it again against the heavy hitting Snakes. Micah Owings starts for Arizona. and my colleague informs me they have the top 3 HR hitters in the NL. How does he know that? Because his Crisco covered hands will be glogging this game for the Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club. Don't forget your membership card! Renting that lamination machine wasn't cheap.

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Todd Jones will be co-glogging with me today.

A Live-glog is a funny post, so funny things happen on a live blogging post -- like they happen just about every post. But a live glog post or a weekly live blog post does not make a blog, even though it generates far more comments.

Micah Owings, Pride of Gainsville, Georgia

One bite of the pizza I had for lunch tasted like dirt, but the rest tasted ok. The point? I'm bored and ready for a liveglob.

Sh!tShow just won comment of the fortnight.

Honeynut: If I were you, I'd dare to eat a peach.

No fucking way someone just made a Prufrock reference on this crappy blog.

Of course! I love the poetry of Eliott Gould!

Should I, after tea and cakes and ices, have the strength to participate in this liveglog?

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