I Would Like To Make A Bet With A Cincinnati Baseball Player

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twoheaded.jpgReds writer, Iracane fave and fashion icon John Fay caught up with Ryan Freel last night. Freel was acting like my 10th grade girlfriend being all huffy and cryptic because he's pissed off about playing time. Apparently his lack of ABs is due to a conspiracy. I can't believe someone that has a little guy living in his head could be so moody!

"I'm trying to be careful about what I say," Freel said. "I've really got nothing good to say right now. There was a lot of stuff said that (was) misinterpreted or mis-communicated this offseason."

"It would have stunned a lot of people if they heard what was said about me. Apparently, I said I couldn't play every day to the manager. Apparently, I told him that this offseason. That would have never come out of (my) mouth."

Paranoid, much? How can he be sure what he said? How does he know Farney didn't say it? Is he calling Dusty Baker and Wayne Krivsky liars? I tried to get a comment from Krivsky but he wasn't getting any bars on his phone from the unemployment line. Freel wasn't done with the cuckoo tallk either:

"I wouldn't talk about this if we were winning. But we're losing. This isn't (the) team we are. We're not an under .500 team."

Oh yeah, Crazyface? I'll bet you $50 you guys finish with a losing record. Do we have a wager?

All words in parentheses were missing from the original article and added by me. Perhaps John Fay could use a copy editor for his blog.

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"Is he calling Dusty Baker and Wayne Krivsky liars?"

I don't think he'd be the first one... or the last.

Full disclosure: Ryan Freel has been writing the Corey Patterson watch at WoW.

Wayne Krivsky: unemployed
Brian Sabean: employed

Good job, baseball!

If I were Ryan, I'd Freely take that bet.

Then again, I'd be careful not to goad him too much... he might start seeing Red.

Sounds like this poor fellow might even be a bit batty!

(help me I'm an idiot and I can't get up)

@futuremrsrickankiel: I Freely admit to enjoying your pun trifecta.

It's pretty cut and dry to me. The Reds are looking for players with OBP under .300. If you can't get that done, then you're of no use.

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