If Frank Thomas Is So Good, Why Couldn't He Finish the Cycle?

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In last night's 14-2 rout of the Angels by the Oakland A's, Frank Thomas hit a single, double, and his first triple in six years, collecting 2 RBI and increasing his slugging percentage by 67 whopping points. Well if Frank Thomas is so good, then why did manager Bob Geren pull Thomas for a pinch runner after leading off the bottom of the seventh with a double?

It's almost as if Thomas has already fallen out of favor with his new manager! Bob Geren basically said to Thomas "No cycle for you!" J.P. Ricciardi was right! Frank Thomas is washed up! Sure, the game was much closer at that point as the A's had but a 6-2 lead and yes, Oakland scored eight runs that inning after Geren made the switch, but let's get real here. Bob Geren is just keeping Frank Thomas down! Emil Brown hit a homer in the game...why couldn't Thomas? Jack Hannahan hit a homer in the game...why couldn't Thomas? Heck, even Daric Barton hit his first ding-dong of the year...why couldn't Thomas?

I guess J.P. Ricciardi was right. Frank Thomas is too washed up to play for a last place team; his talents are only going to work on the team with the best record in the American League.

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In all fairness, that triple would have been a single if Vlad wasn't an idiot.

What the hell is a Bob Geren?


Keep the comments rolling people; I can talk A's baseball all day.

What's up with that thing on Terry Steinbach's helmet?

Bob Geren? Terry Steinbach? Did I fall asleep and wake up in a 1988 Defensive Drills for Catchers video?

But what does Walt Weiss think?

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