Yankee Fans Decry Brian Cashman's Inability to Predict Future

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allsales.jpgIn today's New York Daily News, Mark Feinsand poses the question: Can Yankee fans handle a rebuilding year? There are a couple problems with this question (it's not the fans I'd be worried about), but the most important one is that it already has an answer: Yanks fans don't have a choice. It's already happening. If the line between rebuilding and 'in it to win it' is trading young talent for deadline help there is approximately 0.00% chance that Brian Cashman will do that in 2008.

Once the Yankees pulled prospects off the table for Johan Santana, that was it. No going back. Santana's availability was a test to the Yankees, and to an extent the Red Sox, to see just how committed they were to their young guys and their new player development ethos. There is no greater commodity in baseball than Johan Santana, and if you say no to him, you are bound for the duration of the 2008 season to say no to everyone else. Can you imagine what would happen if Cashman didn't pull the trigger on dealing Hughes/Kennedy/Chamberlain for Santana but then ships one for a mediocre deadline starter? They'll be using his testicles for Bubble Tea in Chinatown. Same goes for Lester/Buchholz in Boston.

All of those guys are untouchable for the rest of 2008. No questions. No handwringing. Unless they somehow deal some veterans, the Yankee roster is what is for the rest of year. Are you ok with that, Yankee fans? Well you sure better be.

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There is no greater commodity in baseball than Johan Santana


I also decry his inability to stop looking like a rodent.

Sorry, an addendum to my previous comment:


for the men in the audience.

I am happy with the roster right now. My only change would be to coax Scott Brosius out of retirement, resurrect Clete Boyer from the grave, and get Graig Nettles to stop making commercials for local Nissan dealers. BECAUSE A-ROD IS SO OVERPAID AND HE'S NOT CLUTCH AND HE NAMED HIS DAUGHTER AFTER HIMSELF.

What the Yanks really need to mentor those young pitchers is a crafty wily veteran like Livan Hernandez. The Twins will take Austin Jackson for him straight up.

I assure you, Lester is very much expendable.

Of course he's expendable, but there's still no way he goes. You have his built in overvalue from being in the Santana talks, plus Boston's short leash on innings for young pitchers. If Schilling stays hurt for awhile, Lester and Buchholz only get so many innings and they need to keep every pitcher on that roster.

Is Lester already near his ceiling? Maybe. That makes him "expendable" from a talent standpoint but also lessens what other teams will offer for him.


to the Yankees.

Justin Masterson is a real stud, that's for sure, but he's nothing compared to his dad. I heard he was a real Master.

That's why I want to name my son Bigpimpinson

Any Yankee fan that doesn't have a mustache understands what's taking place, can't speak for the rest though.

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