Jonathan Winters, Woody Allen & How To Make A Baseball Glove

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This week's Classic TV spot is apparently from a show called "Hot Dog." It's 5 minutes of pure 1970 and I'm sure will be 100% cooler when you're stoned. We start off with Jonathan Winters doing a pantomime as a Reds pitcher giving up a home run (makes sense to me). This is followed by 2 and half funky minutes of what sounds like Big Brother & The Holding Company soundtracking the making of a baseball glove, featuring a cameo by Woody Allen.

I wasn't made for these times.

Thanks for another great week, everybody. You did a great job in those comment boxes again, and it makes this whole thing a lot funnier. I'm going to try and fit in one post each on Saturday and Sunday, so stop by if you get the notion. Have a great weekend.

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The '70s weren't really as cool as the video shows.

The passage of time has not been kind to Woody Allen's humor. We thought he was cool back then, so we laughed at his schtick. Turns out his jokes were just stupid all along (and predictable, in the case of the second base joke).

OTOH, Jonathan Winters was awesome then. And his work is still awesome.

Good one, TigerClaw. I feel young again.

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