Larry Bowa & Matt Cain Picking Up Where They Left Off

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Hey look! Larry Bowa is going cuckoo!

This happened in the sixth inning, after ump Ed Montague told Bowa to get back in the 3rd base coach's box. I was watching it live (for my reactions scroll down to the Late Shift Liveblog) and am ecstatic there's video. From the LA Times:

The point of contention was Major League Baseball's new rule that forbids base coaches to leave their designated boxes.

"The people in New York have no idea what they're doing," he said, referring to Major League Baseball's headquarters. "You can't coach there."

Joking of how Bowa bowled over a tank of energy drink upon returning to the dugout, starter Derek Lowe said, "We had a little bit of a flood."

In other news, Matt Cain started off the season in typical Matt Cain fashion, throwing 5.2 innings of 3 hit, scoreless ball... with 0 run support. Poor bastard. Is there some way the Red Cross can get him off of the Giants? Can Congress step in? The humanitarian implications of the damage to his psyche are for more serious than steroids. We as a nation cannot afford to stand by and watch one of our young men go crazy while we do nothing.

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Having Matt Cain in a fantasy league is like having two really good middle relievers in one. most of the time, it's great for your ERA, but it's not worth it for the 7 times a year when they get blown up.

Just the mere typing of that last paragraph indicates that I have too much time on my hands.

i think everyone involved in the blogosphere has too much time on his or her hands...

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