Little Standing In Way Of New Youth Baseball Fields In Oshkosh

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Osh_Logo_Small.gifAldrich M. Tan is reporting this afternoon that Oshkosh youth baseball is one step closer to the construction of ten new baseball diamonds. Last night, the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors approved the rezoning application 33-3. All that stands in the way is a challenge from nearby Wittman Airport.

Wittman Regional Airport Director Peter Moll said the land that the field would be on is currently an airport overlay, a specialized zone to protect airports. Moll said it is located too close to an airport runway for safety concerns in case an airplane has to make an emergency landing.

A valid concern, but one that some proper planning and discussion should be able to work out. The next zoning meeting takes place Tuesday, April 29 at 6:30 in the Lounge Room of the Winnebago County Courthouse. The agenda mentions Don Schneider, Bohn Farms, and Robert E. Jones all having zoning issues. While Oshkosh youth baseball is not on the list, the committee members can amend agenda items based on requests from attendees.

Personally, I agree with Supervisor Bill Wingren when he says, "Oshkosh needs this kind of facility."

Show up and hit a home run for the kids of Oshkosh.

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Won't someone think of the children? Airports are dangerous places to play ball, even if it's merely a regional airport. Let's get honest here, people.

A baseball field too close to an airport...are they talking about Shea?

I forgot to mention, The Oshkosh Youth Baseball complex would have to return to Planning and Zoning Committee for a conditional use permit before it can be built.

Worth noting. All in all, I think everyone could benefit from taking a step back and really thinking it through.

Perhaps the planning board would be wise to hold off making any decisions until they've considered the liabilities of re-zoning the airport. It's a virtual Pandora's box of problems, people!

CTC, I think you might have also forgotten to mention why I should care about th...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Supervisor Shiloh Ramos would agree with you. He said, ""We are opening ourselves to liability with this complex. There is an obvious risk of federal funding to the airport if we change the zoning."

So take that into account. Not everything is black and white, there are shades of grey.

If a plane flies too close to the kids, do they all get tossed about in the air like that movie "Pushing Tin"?

Anyone besides me ever see that flick?

There are bees all over this post.

Can someone point me to the punch line for this?


...The Aristocrats!

My primary concern is with the logistics of re-zoning the land that abuts the airport to comply with wetlands regulations. Town regulations specify that recreational land needs to contain a specific percentage of wetlands; can we maintain the integrity of the runways without sacrificing wetlands space?

What would happen if Randy Johnson hit a Piper with 98 mph heat? Would that be the next YouTube blooper sensation?

I saw that movie. I thinks a great movie.

BC, then you can appreciate the comedy of a bunch of 12 year old kids flying around in the air.

Yes, it would almost me as funny as John Cusack and Billy Bob Thorton flying around like rag dolls.

Thanks for this. I live in Milwaukee but maybe I will pen a letter. More baseball is always a good thing. It's not like they have biggest fucking air show in the world every year. Give the kids a place to play some decent ball you fuckers.

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