Local Girl to Throw Out First Pitch at Padres Game, Blow Old Man

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Who knew that the Padres had a celebrity fan? Oh, ahem, a celebreality fan. Kendra Wilkinson is 'famous' for taking her clothes off, becoming Hugh Hefner's girlfriend, and then having a seriously annoying laugh on a basic cable TV show. She's parlayed all this Playboy fame into the opportunity of a lifetime for a former fast pitch softball player from San Diego as she will soon be throwing out the first pitch at a Padres game.

Kendra was born and raised in San Diego and considers herself an avid and knowledgeable Padres fan, as the clip below (stolen from Gaslamp Ball) proves:

She's also a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and was actually hired by the organization a couple years back to write a fan blog on the team website. Her first three blog posts contained no words; she merely posted pictures of herself in a red fur-lined bikini. Perhaps Peter Abraham would like to try this gimmick out for his Yankees blog.

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OMG please do a bikini post. I need more pasty blogger flesh in my life.

Say wha?? Kendra's an Eagles fan? She talks about the Chargers all the time on The Girls Next Door. I think she did a photo shoot in a cut-up LT jersey.

Not that I would know about such things...


Local Girl to Throw Out First Pitch at Padres Game, Blow Old Man

Greg Maddux can't wait

If things don't work out for her in San Diego, she's definitely retarded enough to be an Indians fan.

She is also white trashy enough to be a white sox fan.

@bc twins
Hey!... yeah, you are probably right.

This chick confuses the hell out of me.
Sometimes she looks amazingly hot. Other times, eh.

Of course, yes, I would though.

@ pale hose
I know what you are saying. Sometimes when I have seen all of the good "late night" programing on HBOOD I switch over and watch her workout video on Exercise TV OD for a few minutes. It's good enough in a pinch.

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