Mets Fans Are Feeling a Little Punchy

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Enrico at the 700 Level brings us a photo gallery that is sure to make non-Mets fans like myself giggle like a schoolgirl. Seems as if a Mets fan at the Mets-Phillies game this past Saturday was involved in a fracas that ended with him taking a swing at a cop, or as you people in Boston call it "a cawp".

Ever since the Mets decided to field a competitive team a couple years ago, their fans have been traveling down Interstate 95 with great frequency to enjoy a stadium that's the polar opposite of Shit...err...Shea Stadium. The Phillies fans are good folk, but if you cross them, they'll eat you alive.

Completely without Enrico's permission, I have reproduced one of the photos to the left. You can see a pair of legs at the bottom left of the picture; that's his buddy lying face down on the cement already in handcuffs. The Phillies may have lost the game but they won the battle of "whose fans don't get captured on film getting arrested".

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Nice pajamas, homey.

Throwing a punch at a cop is definitely not the Wright move.

You know, if Tim Teufel isn't welcome at a Phillies game, they should let him know before he gets there.

If today is going to be Pun Day on Walkoff Walk, I'm going to Reyes a fuss.

Quick, that asshole Mets fan in the brown belt ran that way!

How fucking stupid do you have to be to throw a punch at a cop? Philly cops are just as mean, if not more so, than New York cops. They have that Philadelphia-isn't-New York inferiority complex, so they're even meaner and tougher. I had to learn that lesson the hard way.

Almost four years ago I got pulled over in Philly and I mouthed off to the cop that gave me the ticket. (Not the smartest decision I've ever made, I admit.) He wrote me a second ticket that's still messing up my car insurance.

They don't take kindly to DELAWAREANS in Philadelphia, obvs.

nice tag.
Mets fans can read?

Hey when you wear acid wash jeans YOU MAKE YOUR OWN RULES!!!!

I apologize those were camou shorts...but nonetheless I learned two things from this scene.

a, I never knew scalabrine was a mets fan

b, I always knew he couldnt take a punch

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