NL Best? More Like NL Yecchh: The State of the West

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Way back when I so aptly previewed the National League West, I predicted that three teams from this division would be contenders and two would make the playoffs. So far, my thoughts about Arizona have proven true: they've got the best record in the majors and are firing on all cylinders. Brandon Webb is 5-0 and fooling hitters everywhere with his sinker. Chris Young, Justin Upton, and Conor Jackson are all mashing the ball as if it were a delicious Yukon Gold potater. The rest of the division, however, is another story entirely. Here are your current NL West standings:

    1. Arizona Diamondbacks (15-6, .724)
    2. Colorado Rockies (9-12, .429)
    2. Los Angeles Dodgers (9-12, .429)
    4. San Francisco Giants (9-13, .409)
    4. San Diego Padres (9-13, .409)

Least surprising on this list would be the lack of competitiveness from the Giants. While they are barely scraping together three runs scored per game, the pitching staff has suffered injuries and even worse, is suffering Barry Zito. Would the Giants consider giving the lefty with an 0-5 record and a 5.61 ERA a couple weeks to regroup? They did it last year with Matt Cain and it worked out well:

When asked if the Giants might consider doing that with Zito, pitching coach Dave Righetti said, "No, because who the hell is going to pitch? We're not that deep in starting pitching. Noah Lowry is hurting now and we're not that deep in Triple-A. We need (Zito) to pitch."

Yikes. As for the Rockies, their bullpen has been the weakness so far. The Dodgers are simply underperforming where they should be. Their three best starting pitchers (Penny, Lowe and Kuroda) match up well with the Diamondbacks' top three. Also, they're outscoring their opponents across the month but little things like 'batting the aged Nomar Garciaparra third' or 'paying Andruw Jones to play baseball' are hurting the team.

I didn't predict the Padres to do very well, so I'm not going to try and find fault with their poor start. Besides first basegentleman Adrian Gonzalez, there are no hitters on that team that strike fear in the hearts of men. It's a shame; superstar first base prospect Kyle Blanks is ready to play, afro and all.

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BAHAHA ok totally off-topic: everyone PLEASE go to MLB Gameday and look at Casey Kotchman's headshot... he looks like the dumbass kid at summer camp who makes weird faces in all the photos. Eek!

Aren't the Giants the same team who just recently said they may use a 6-man rotation? To me that signifies depth. Righetti's a jerkface.


DERRRR, I like smores! Let's prank the girls in cabin 7!

I wouldn't put money on ANY of those teams to emerge as a legitimate challenger right now. Fundamental flaws in the fabric and shit.

ANY= everyone but Arizona

Wow, Lopez and Delcarmen just combined forces into a massive swirling vortex of suckitude.


"So far, my thoughts about Arizona have proven true: they've got the best record in the majors and are firing on all cylinders."

You meant to say they SHARE the best record in the majors with the CHICAGO CUBS.

Phillies up 3-1 in the ninth.

Uecker sounds like he'll hang himself any moment now.

A's put up a five spot on Liriano in the top of the fifth. Frank Thomas walks and scores in his Oakland 'debut'. Looks like Daric Barton and Jack Cust are the odd men out in favor of Thomas and Mike Sweeney and Rajaj Davis.

Make that a six-spot.

I love how Iracane always winds up live-glogging without meaning to.


Rajaj is a self cleaning oven.

Keep Barton; designate Cust for water-boarding.

Teach Barton how to spell his fucking first name.

Chone Figgins and Torii Hunter don't see the problem

By the way, are people here aware that Frank Thomas swings a piece of rebar before at-bats instead of a bat with a donut? I feel like that's important.

okay....NOW Arizona has the best record in the majors

...and the Cubs wont win another game for the rest of the season

-black cat

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