Orioles Fans Falling Head-Over-Heels In Love With Team's Success

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After taking two of three games in their weekend series with the Yankees, the Bawlmer Orioles currently sit in second place in the American League East with an actual real live winning record (11-8). The fans in Baltimore are so excited, they're falling all over themselves in pure unadulterated joy. Either that, or they're just falling all over themselves:

    "Two fans at Thursday night's Orioles game were taken to the hospital after one fell from the club-level deck at Camden Yards and landed on the other moments before the Orioles beat the Chicago White Sox in a 10-inning game. The Orioles called the incident "an unfortunate accident," but citing privacy laws would not offer specific details. However, several sources with knowledge of the incident said an adult male was leaning too far over the railing on the first base side of the stadium just above the "Bank of America" advertisement. He fell, roughly 30 feet, down to the main seating bowl where he landed on another man."

Privacy laws, my ass. When that dude fell off the escalator at Shea, we knew everything from his name to his nationality to the possibility that he was acting like a jackass by standing on the rail. We demand to know the name of the (most likely drunk) fan who tumbled off the swank club level at Camden Yards! How else will we, as non-Orioles fans, know who to shame?

Still, I feel bad for the unwitting victim who sat in the lower level. When you pay $75 for a seat to an Orioles game, the only pains you expect to feel are (a) the team losing (b) a sore tush from sitting through a 5-hour Steve Trachsel game and (c) wicked bad acid reflux from a plate of Boog's BBQ. You never expect to have some chucklehead fall ass-over-teakettle into your lap.

(we owe a Coke to Baseball Musings)

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He fell, roughly 30 feet, down to the main seating bowl where he landed on another man.

It's too bad he didn't fall into a KFC Famous Bowl because then he just would have landed in delicious gravy and pillowy mashed potatoes, cushioning his fall in a most hearty homestyle™ fashion.

Bank Of America charged the man $2.50 in "sign passing" fees the following morning.

+1 Sh!tshow

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