Peter Magowan Finally Remembers Where All That Money Came From

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The Giants may have gotten embarrassed in their home opener by Greg Maddux and his Padre teammates but that's not stopping the San Francisco faithful from celebrating their prodigal son:

      With little fanfare but in plain sight to anybody entering AT&T Park on Monday, the Giants unveiled a pair of new displays that commemorate Barry Bonds' slugging exploits for the club.

      On the wall in right-center field appeared an orange shield-shaped plaque emblazoned with the number 756, a tribute to the home run Bonds hit last Aug. 7 to become baseball's all-time leader in that category. After the top of the second inning Monday, the Giants made note of the new plaque with a PA announcement and displaying it on the scoreboard.

No pregame honors for you, Barry! Nope, your tiny miserable plaque gets announced while half the stadium is in the can and the other half is getting garlic fries. Seems your old boss Peter Magowan finally realized he had blood on his hands and he figured a good way to honor all the dollars you brought in...I mean, all the home runs you hit...was to commemorate a number. Hooray for 756! Boo, Bonds!

Oh, and Barry? You're still unemployed and Donald Fehr isn't helping your cause. No worries, though, because you've got Sam Feldman on your side, and Sam Feldman gets results!

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Did they name a highway after him?

Yeah but they actually got the sign wrong.

Bonds who?

Oh, and if you can find me in this pic, I'll buy you a beer:

hint: I'm one of the specs in the outfield.

Right center, five rows back, holding Phil Lesh's insulin bag.

Sam Feldman looks like Eugene Mirman

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