Please Excuse Eric Gagne From Sucking. Signed, Epstein's Mother

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epstein.jpgHey remember that time Eric Gagne blew it? No, not that one. No, the other one. Oh, that's a good one, I forgot about that one, but no. The one on Tuesday. Well, to all of you people claiming it was just one more sign he's washed up... hold your tongues! It wasn't his fault!

We did get to talk to Gagne this morning before the Brewers' second game against Chicago and he talked about the things that worked against him. He said his goggles were fogging up in the rainy weather and the mound was a bit slippery. He also thought a couple of close pitches to Derrek Lee that were called balls actually were strikes.

Despite those built-in excuses, Gagne finall (sic) said, "I just wasn't throwing sterikes(sic). There were a lot of outside things but it's not that big of a deal.

"I blew the game, yeah, but I kept it at 3-3 with no outs," he said. "So, that was a positive for me.

That is some Chicken Soup For The Rag Armed Soul, right there. I can joke now but if the train wreck continues, it's going to get ugly and not so funny real fast. Genuine hard times are tough to laugh at. Do we have a poor bastard tag yet?

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Schadenfreude isn't even a strong enough word to describe Red Sox fanatic Camp Tiger Claw's feelings right now.

His GOGGLES fogged up?! What the fuck. If I ever run into Eric Gagne on the street I am going to beat him up and take his lunch money, and maybe give him a wedgie.

I don't give a shit, and ya'll bustas owe me $8 Mil.

I had always wondered how to spell the overly-dramatic "Sterike," most often used in Bugs Bunny cartoons. Now I know.

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