Randy Johnson Returns; I'm Not Using His Nickname

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Former Yankee legend Randy Johnson returned to the mound last night 8 months after major back surgery. He looked wild at times in his five inning debut, handing out 4 walks. He also looked untouchable at times, staying in the 90s with his fastball and striking out 7.

Like many others, we've already predicted the Snakes taking the NL West. I have to think that with a healthy Randy Johnson, even with 75% of his former stuff, Arizona jumps to the front of the pack for pennant contention. Webb, Haren and Johnson sounds mighty tough.

Like I wasn't going to post this:

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"Yankee legend"

Thanks for nothing, dongboy.

Former Yankee Legend > Former Expo Legend

That pigeon won't ever talk shit about The Rooster again.

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