Rangers Fan Is a Ding Dong, Gets Hit in the Ding Dong

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You oughta see the picture in full size to fully appreciate it. Does anyone have a better title for this picture? Enter it below in the comments. Stolen from Defective Yeti.

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Rangers Fan Stops Screaming Line Drive With Own Cock

"Texas fan loses his ability to procreate, lunch."

Man Heroically Protects Upper Thigh With Own Yambag

Dude, seriously though, everyone else in this picture is being a fucking wimp. Look at them diving away from the ball while this brave man stands up and takes one RIGHT IN THE PENIS.

You know, there are ordinary men, and then there are heroes.


OK, this is what you get for being a grown man and bringing a glove to a baseball game.

/hes not a grown man anymore...ZING

"At least one man in a Rangers cap it able to keep the ball in front of him. 25 others not as skilled."

The people behind him didn't even see the ball, they're just reacting to his plumber's crack.

In other news, who'd have thought a late-April White Sox - Orioles game would be a Clash of the First Place Titans?

I, for one, relish the excuse to dick around with MLB Gameday and not do any work.

rerish nooo

OW, My Balls!

Buy an outfield ticket, win a chance to get neutered

Felix PiƩ's Injury is Contagious

One Ball, Two Strikes

Dude, it's two HANDS on the ball when catching it.

Oh Shit, My Dick!
/for the eight people worldwide that saw Fear of a Black Hat


KUDOS on the Fear of a Black Hat reference

my favoritte rap songs on from that movie, such as "Guerillas in the Mist" and "My Peanuts"

#1 Rangers fan loses his #1 status


Rangers fan's penis signs 3 yr contract

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