Site News: Red Sox @ Yankees Tonight

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I'm heading out soon for the Red Sox/Yankees tilt at The Stadium. Hopefully, it'll be a better game than last night's dreckfest. Thanks for joining me all day while CTC was on a farm in Maine. No, seriously.

Go, baseball!

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Rob, you should just leave your car parked at the Stadium all the time. It would really fool Mr. Wilhelm.

Yeah, but then you'll just get traded to Tyler Chicken.

Hey look.... body-suit guy!

I heard Maine is beautiful. Seriously.


You come off like a total gay right there.

I have returned. Today I met cows and chickens and hydroponic bibb lettuce!

Let me know how much that lettuce costs per ounce. I'm going to the A's game Saturday and I am sure there's a market in Oakland for said "hydroponic lettuce." We could make hundreds.

I'll tell you on Sunday.

No Rockies-Padres liveglog?

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