Someone From My High School Made it Far, High

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Perhaps you saw astronaut Garrett Reisman throw out the first pitch from the International Space Station before last night's Yankees-Red Sox contest. Well, Reisman went to Parsippany High School in Parsippany, New Jersey; he graduated six years before yours truly came in as a lowly freshman. Here's an interview about the pitch with the crew:

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Pretty solid interview, considering the gravity of the issue.

What's really funny is that even though the pitch was being thrown for a different game thousands of miles above the surface of the earth, Jeff Francouer still swung at it.

(sorry matt_T)

Swinged? Swang? Swung? That's bothering me...

OK fine, but only if we can agree to pronounce it like "fingered."


Let's just be honest and say ""struck out".

its funny because its true

Parsippany is for tools. Route 10 my ass.

/strokes Mendham letterman jacket, punches freshman

Ever play The Knoll golf courses?

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