Steve Phillips Was Right: Cliff Lee Untouchable Like Eliot Ness

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untouchables.jpgI'll see your Tim Lincecum 16 1/3 scoreless and raise you 5 more. With his CG shutout last night against the Royals, Cliff Lee extended his streak to 21 1/3 innings. In the AMERICAN LEAGUE, MOTHERFUCKERS. Lee's overall numbers are staggering:

31 2/3 IP, 1 ER, 29 K, 2 BB

Christ in a cowboy hat, those are beautiful. It's a shame that of all the people that get to enjoy this mastery it has to be Indians fans. Well, them and shameful ignoramus Steve Phillips. I think I've already mentioned it on WoW but it bears repeating Steve Phillips once called Lee the best left handed pitcher in baseball. He was ridiculed at the time but now it seems Nostrasteveus could be right, two years ahead of time. Albeit we're dealing in small sample size but I could be led to believe that Lee has finally got his shit together.

So in the spirit of Steve Phillips being a clairvoyant genius, I put it to you Participating Commenters : make a prediction that sounds totally retarded now but will be correct in two years.

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I'll have a boyfriend!

No, seriously, the Twins will make it to at least the ALCS.

Red Sox manager Terry Francona forced to resign after uniform causes stroke. Replaced by Jimmy Fallon.

The postmodern Garfield revolution will have moved on to another seemingly benign cartoon character of significance to those in their late 20s/early 30s: Eeyore.

And the Eeyore Revolution will not be televised.

The Chicago Whales will win the Federal League championship over the hated Brooklyn Tip-Tops.

Oh, in two years? I thought you said 'negative ninety-three years'.

cubs win back to back world series....and REM's "Shiny Happy People" will become the new Cubs theme song

oh...also, everyone will be gay in the future

Human cloning will allow 'Bobby Cox' to manage the Braves for forever.

Wednesday Afternoon Liveglogs will go into the SIXTH(!) inning.

Corey Patterson will still be hitting leadoff for a Dusty Baker led team

(1) The St. Petersburg Blue Rays will make a run for the ALCS.
(2) Comments for Commenter Participation Fridays will come from random-phrase-generating monkeys.

Walkoff Walk disbands after commenters revolt against newly implemented "Star" System.

Greg Maddux will still be sitting on 349 wins.

@ Phillas

LOL. When Feli Hernandez is mound, 100% Tahitian Noni Juice!

Following in the footsteps of the Dominicans and Japanese, the new race to dominate baseball will be Maoris.

Bud Selig steps down in hooker scandal. New commissioner: DeLino DeShields.

Lost will end. Final episode will reveal that Jack was really the bad guy, and Ben was not actually Satan.

Moises Alou discovers that the cure for the common cold is drinking your own urine after bizarre finger licking incident.

Teams will be required to carry at least Japanese outfielder on their rosters in order to receive their revenue sharing money.

The A's spend a lot of money on a big-time free agent.

Willie Mays Hays will get out of prison early for good behavior and kill a vampire at the white house after demanding that president Ralph Nader "always bet on black."

this is just plain astonishing

Doug Mirabelli holds a convenience store clerk hostage for 13 hours, demanding, "I JUST WALK TO TALK TO TIM!!" Sadly, he will have to be taken down by a sniper.

Aaron Rowand endorses a line of pork-flavored trousers marketed to lonely women.

Mike Hampton's head falls off.

that's going to happen tonight when he has his rehab start.

After getting out of rehab for his coke addiction, Ryan comes out of the closet and hooks up with Oscar.

A wop actually brings a gun to a gun fight.

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