The Saturday Evening Post

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SatMornPost.jpg Here's what's been going on while I was hanging out here and feeling super cool.

  • The Yankees and Indians are tied at 3 in the seventh and Joe Buck won't SHUT THE FUCK UP about the NFL Draft. I already hated this asshole, but today has taken it to a whole new level. Listen you waspy pinhead, if I gave a shit about the draft I'd be watching it. Or I'd go to one of seventeen million websites where a bunch of one sport Neanderthals are mashing their fat fingers into their keyboards to discuss each pick. As it is, I'm watching a baseball game, and a damn good one at that. I know you're kind of an idiot but I'd appreciate even your futile attempts to try and broadcast the game that you're looking at, you obtuse dipshit. Yes, I know it's probably a network directive since Fox carries football, but still. Go to hell, Joe Buck.

    The Indians beat the Yankees last night but since I'm doing this post at dinner time, you probably already know that.

  • The Snakes and Padres are also tied at 7 in the 9th.

  • The Orioles improved to 14-9, as Brian Burres' 8 scoreless IP beat the White Sox; The Mets topped the Braves behind a solid start from John Maine; The Tigers bounced back from last night's lost beating the Angels 6-4; The Cardinals beat the Astros on a walkoff single from Skip Schumacher. The game also featured some headhunting and both benches clearing... with no punches thrown. Otis Nixon thinks you're all pussies.


The Red Sox will try to avenge last night's loss against the Rays... Phillies go for two straight against the Bucs... Erik Bedard tries to stop some of the bleeding in Seattle... I stay home and drink High Life because there's no way in hell I'm going to the ROFLCon afterparty.

Enjoy your evening, WoWies. I'll try and be more timely tomorrow!

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Victor Martinez walkoff single. It was a 2-1 count with the bases loaded and I'd be lying if I said I was rooting for the walk.



Jays lose their 6th straight. At least The Blakes kicked ass last night


That one hurts. The only way to lose to the Royals is to score 2 runs or less.

Shawn Marcum is the new Matt Cain.

Here's what's been going on while I was hanging out here and feeling super cool.

I read that entire site and still don't know what's going on there.

/not emo

Are you joking? Did you really go to ROFLcon, CTC?!

JELLUS. I would love to meet the I Can Has Cheezburger people so I can congratulate them for inventing such an effective work timewaster.

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