The Saturday Morning Post

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SatMornPost.jpgHere's some of what happened last night, after Mom said to get off the computer and go outside.

  • Orioles 8, Yankees 2: Phil Hughes was cruisin' till trouble struck in the top of the fifth and the O's pounded him for five runs. Daniel Cabrera had his best outing of the season going 6, yielding only 2 runs and 2 walks.

  • Mets 6, Phillies 4: Johan Santana struck out 10 to beat Cole Hamels and the Phils on his first trip to the City of Brotherly Love (no homo). David Wright went 4 for 4 including a single, double and triple.

  • Braves 6, Dodgers 1: Chipper Jones hit two bombs for the second straight night then followed it up with this kickass Bill & Tedesque quote: "This is one of those crazy streaks you get in once every couple of years. Not only am I getting pitches to hit, I'm doing ultimate damage with 'em." Crush on, Chipper. Crush on.

  • Red Sox 11, Rangers 3: David Ortiz stopped hitting into the shift long enough to drive in 5, including a grand slam. The home plate umpire's name was Jerry Meals. Tee hee.


  • Young aces Johnny Cueto, Tim Lincecum, Zack Greinke, Ian Kennedy and Jon Lester all take the mound. Should be a good day to see some prospective #1s wherever you are.

    Enjoy your Saturday, I'm going to try and get into the last ever Piebald show tonight. Wish me luck.

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San Dimas High Football Rules!
/plays air guitar

Oh, I get it. David Ortiz is fat. Jerry Meals. Well played, Sir. Well played.

My brother-in-law caught greg dobbs homerun ball. That is all

Ortiz isn't fat, he just wears baggy clothes. It's like when girls that are self conscious about their huge tits wear huge baggy sweaters. And... um... shit I always lose my train of thought when I'm talking about tits.

I wish we ran an NBA website so we could talk about this Cavs game. I fucking hate the Washington Wizards.

Hello from Turner Field where after booing Andruw Jones he hit his first HR

Instead of booing, he thought you were saying "Chocolate Mooooooooouse with real whipped cream and cocoa infused sugar crystals on the rim of the parfait glass!"

Hello from dover delaware where the phillies still stink

Going to Piebald over watching the Bruins game? You have broken, my American heart.

A's games get you drunk. And if any of you are in SF tonight, you can come watch the UFC fight and eat hot wings at my place.

You have broken, my American heart.

CTC, maybe A Newfound Glory will show up and play two sets!

2008 Walkoff Walk Drink Your Drugs Baseball Party 2008

@ A's game then Farthammer's place.

Date: TBD

@ Matt

"We're not here to see you, Fatboy! We're here to see Piebald."

God, I thought that baseball was so great in and of itself... until I discovered that esoteric, self-congratulatory music references made it even better.

Holy shit. I have no idea what is going on right now except for three things:
-Oakland is a LOCK for at least 73 wins this year
-George St. Pierre is the toughest french-candian ever
-I'm not sure what "Piebald" means, but I'm also pretty sure it's the look my fiance rocks fyou know what I m saying.

P.S. - that last one was a hoo-ha reference

I guess CTC decided to play NASCAR on Nintendo 64 instead of making a Sunday post.

/Supernintendo Chalmers

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