The Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch, Tuesday, April 22nd

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linkpunch gorillaSometimes people write better than us. Each Tuesday and Thursday WoW gives you our favorite baseball links we've come across.

  • David Laurila interviews Brandon Moss about his little trip to Tokyo with the Red Sox. Moss was the first ever major league player to collect his first ding-dong in Japan. Baseball Prospectus

  • The sad tale of Lyman Bostock. Los Angeles Times

  • Joe Posnanski explains why he is constantly mentioning Duane Kuiper in such hushed tones. I totally get it now. JoeBlog

  • Dex lists seventeen different ways for the Padres to encourage fans to attend games without altering the dimensions of Petco Field, an extreme pitchers park. My favorite is #7: "Start a 100 Hot Dog Club. Have people stamp a card every time they have a hot dog at the park. At the end of the year, fans who've eaten 100 hot dogs get a free souvenir pin to stick on their lanyard or hat". Gross. Gas Lamp Ball

  • Some Pirates fans are already quite tired of the shitty season in Pittsburgh so they're having a little tournament to determine the worst GM in baseball. They're in the quarterfinal round now. Hey, Ed Wade only got the 2 seed? Oh right, Brian Sabean had dibs on the 1. Bucs Dugout

  • A new addictive game. It's like whack-a-mole on ketamine. Doeo

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Doeo! From the people who brought you bukkake, tentacle rape and Hello Kitty!

And MXC. Don't forget about MXC!

Also, wtf is a lanyard?

According to Wikipedia a lanyard is used by dragoons to secure a sabre to their wrist so that they can fire a carbine at the same time.

I believe dragoons often attached pieces of flair to their lanyard in order to express their individuality.*

* May not actually be true.

Lanyard: What the lame people in your office wear around their necks with their name badge and building key in.

Lanyard: what incoming freshman wear around their necks to hang their dorm keys from during the first 2 weeks of class, until they realize how ridiculous they look.

Actually, reservewindyplacekickerholder, I can't remember creating any of those things..! Are you sure you got the right guy?

Oh. Then to whom do I direct my everlasting thanks and appreciation?

I think it was Nigel, the tall, silent guy over at the Swindon office.

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