This Date In Baseball History: 2006

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Much was made of George Bush's reception when he threw out the first pitch at this year's Nationals home opener. He got mostly booed which was, you know, to be expected. But perusing the "On This Day In Baseball" list today, I found something which I found to be much funnier. Well, if it weren't so sad.

2006 - Wearing a red-and-blue Nationals jacket, Vice President Dick Cheney threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the home opener at RFK Stadium. Greeted with a chorus of loud boos, the veep, standing directly in front of the pitching mound, bounces the ball in front of home plate prior to hometown team loss to the Mets, 7-1.

I'm sure this year Bush was expecting a mixed (at best) reaction and was unfazed by any jeers. But see, 2006 was back in the heady days when the administration still had that awe inspiring combination of arrogance and obliviousness that allowed them to trot out Dick Cheney in front of a stadium full of people and think that it would be a good thing.

I didn't have much of a personal recollection of the event so I decided to YouTube it. The first clip is unedited, with audio intact. Way to stand in front of the mound, fruitcake. The second is the live feed from Fox News. I'd like to amend my previous comment to "awe inspiring combination of arrogance, obliviousness and media complicity."


Fair and Balanced:

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Eh, Fuck you buddy!

How'd they get that giant sea turtle inside a jacket?

Actually, all that story shows is the utter classlessness of Nationals fans (and Tiger Claw). It is pretty bad when NASCAR fans show more class:

USAToday story from July 2006 here.

Upon arrival, Cheney's motorcade went around the track at a relative crawl of 60 mph, passing fans on the infield who waved flags for their favorite drivers. Then Cheney attended the pre-race meeting, where he got a standing ovation from the drivers and their crews and his excited staff took pictures with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Just as the race was about to start, Cheney took to the stage in front of a large U.S. flag and the drivers and delivered a patriotic message to more than 100,000 fans.

"On Independence Day weekend, we're reminded how fortunate we are to live in freedom and to call this nation our home," Cheney said to loud cheers.

Stick to writing about baseball, TigerClaw. Your idiocy will be less apparent.


I tend not to argue these in comment boxes (especially with people that call me an idiot) so feel free to email me:

That being said, I'm not sure what "It is pretty bad when NASCAR fans show more class" means. I consider myself a casual NASCAR fan and I don't think I fit into whatever picture you're trying to paint with your broad strokes.

Oops. That's

Way to screw up your email address.


Fair enough, TigerClaw, sort of.

I meant no disparagement of NASCAR fans, other than the reputation given them in the media (I'll catch some racin' this weekend myself during Masters commercials, no doubt). Sorry for being unclear in my comment.

I just figured that, since you dropped an f-bomb in your original post in referring to the VP, your post was fair game for strong comment. Since you've now edited the post to strike that expletive, then I retract the idiocy part of mine.

That doesn't leave much left of my comment, I guess. So let me just restate that many fans of NASCAR respect at least the office of the VP, and are willing to cheer for Nation and Freedom. Nationals fans apparently don't.

I dig the blog. Keep it up (on baseball, anyway).

I did edit the F bomb out. I don't try to elicit anger, just conversation, and I figured that was what was pissing people off.

I think for the most part we do a pretty good job of serving up baseball and funny around here, and it's our intention for those two things to make up 98% of what we say. We're glad to have you on board and glad you're enjoying the haha and ball talk, but by nature this is free form and occasionally we (usually me) are going to say something political and get people bent out of shape.

Those NASCAR drivers were only applauding Cheney because conditions in Afghanistan have dramatically increased the supply of black tar heroin available on race days.



I get creeped out when people capitalize words like "nation" and "freedom."

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