Tippi Hedren Tours Fenway...What Could Go Wrong?

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Some poor schoolgirl was attacked by a hawk at Fenway Park today because she was too dumb to stay away from the raptor's nest. Via the Boston Globe:

The girl was in the upper deck behind home plate, some 40 feet from the hawk's nest, where a single egg lay in an overhang near the press booth. The hawk had been perched on a railing and swooped at the girl with its talons extended. She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital.

It was the second incident with a hawk in the park in the last two days. It has been common for the birds to take up residence in the stadium rafters in the off-season, dining on rats and mice when the park is quiet.

She got her scalp scratched by the hawk's talons, but she's fine now. The poor hawk, however, lost both its nest and its egg; they were removed by the Boston Animal Rescue League. I guess the score is Schoolgirl 1, Hawk 0. Dice-K's response to the incident was "Can I buy her underwear?"

UPDATE: THERE IS A PHOTO GALLERY. Oh c'mon, she doesn't look hurt at all.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The girl's name is Alexa Rodriguez. I shit you not.

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The Hawk plans on building its new nest in Manny's hair.

That hawk family just replaced the Orioles as the second-best bird squad in the AL East.

Boston's in trouble if this is any indication of things to come from hawks...

not baseball

Hey Jiegel: how many of those games do you have money riding on?

well since they are in the FUTURE, non yet. (see: "yet")

foos it

If the girl accidentally pissed herself while being attacked by the Hawk, then Hideki Matsui would like to put in a bid for her underwear.

If she had been wearing her pink hat the bill would have protected her from the attack.

Shoulda been you, Supermike

Even the hawks in Boston attack minorities
/joke is getting old
/unless you're a Yankees fan

The Boston Globe reports that this young girl's name is Alexa Rodriguez! I'm so happy for this moment.

"Can I buy underwear for her?"
"Can I buy the underwear which she was wearing at the time of the hawk attack?"


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