Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpg Hey kids, when you're done riding bikes tune in tonight to find out:

  • CAN so far shitty Phil Hughes follow in the footsteps of so far shitty Mike Mussina and not be shitty against the White Sox?

  • IS Cliff Lee's stellar start just a mirage, and will he be exposed against Brian Bannister and the Royals?

  • WILL the Nationals pull out a win against the Mets, something they haven't done in 4 tries this season?

Then stop by for the answers tomorrow on Commenter Participation Friday. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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Yes, no, no.

I guess my second question is two questions, so everyone will get credit for it on their final quiz grade.

I was told there'd be no Mets.

Q: Will Chipper Jones hit a HR on his birthday?
A: yes!

Happy birthday dear Laaaaarrrrryyyyy.... Happy birthday to yooooou!


Everyone at Hooters.

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