Umpires are Dropping Like Flies

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On the heels of the Kerwin-Danley-getting-knocked-out story comes this cryptic item from last night's Cubs-Brewers contest:

   "Home plate umpire Jerry Crawford left Tuesday night's game after the second inning with an undisclosed illness and was sent to Illinois Masonic Hospital for evaluation. There was a 13-minute delay after Crawford left the field and play resumed in the top of the third with a three-man crew...The Cubs announced Crawford was "feeling ill" but had no further update.

Perhaps you remember Jerry Crawford as president of the Major League Umpires Association way back in 1999, when the umpires staged their mass resignation in a failed move to strengthen their union. Of course, Crawford and a few others rescinded their resignation while many other umps never got their jobs back. Look what that strategy did to poor Eric Gregg.

This wasn't the first time Crawford has left a game due to illness. As per this AP story, Crawford has a history with a bad back. Still, COMMENCE MASSIVE SPECULATION AS TO JERRY CRAWFORD'S

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He's probably pregnant.

Invaded by Body Snatchers.

Or is it... ZOMBIE FLU?!

duh duh duhhhhhhhhh

I think it was SARS.

Too much In-n-Out

Ebola Virus.

Zombie Eric Gregg is going to come back and torment me even more.

No no, it's clearly Disco Fever!



Too much clams casino.


The doctor said he needs a back-iotomy.

Masonic hospital, eh?

Maybe he was shitting bricks.


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