Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club: Baseball Let Us Down

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The powers that be have declared that today, Wednesday April 23rd, is to be the only Wednesday of the entire season without an afternoon game. So so sorry, fans of liveglog action. To make it up to y'all, I will let you choose which game I will liveglog next Wednesday afternoon. Here are your choices:

    White Sox @ Twins, 1:05 PM
    Pirates @ Mets; 1:05 PM
    Reds @ Cardinals; 1:15 PM
    Astros @ Diamondbacks; 3:40 PM
    Rockies @ Giants; 3:45 PM
    Braves @ Nationals; 4:35 PM

You just know I want that Nationals game so I can get away with glogging just 2 innings of action. Let me know in the comments which game I should glog next week.

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Needs more American League.

I vote for Snakes on the Space Shuttle.

I vote for the one with Joe Mauer.

Uh, sorry, champ, but it says here in your contract that you would Live Glog every Wednesday afternoon. So, toss in a movie or something. I recommend Braveheart.

Bleached footwear at Geminis. Added bonus, No chance of rain out.

I'm in semi-colon hell.

I vote for the one where we get to mock the Mets.


White Sox @ Twins.

Although Matt, it is very tempting to make fun of the Mets.

I like glogging Diamondbacks games. I've already done two. (three?)

i vote for Astros/DBags

I say you liveglog the KC-Texas game from the night before, then post it the next day. You could even guess our comments.

Hint: I'm not relevant or funny!

Today, you should liveglog a three hour game of Doeo. BNut for next week, White Sox/Twins, just so you have to actually finish what you started, Quitter.

a Reds/Cards liveglog should have some good zingers; but who cares about those teams anyway.
(gratuitous semi-colon just for JF)

I vote Rockies @ Giants. I miss my Bacon Pants.

Can't you fire up a game of Earl Weaver Baseball on the old pc and blog that?

I vote for Reds @ Cards. I need more Corey Patterson and Tony LaRussa.

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