Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club: Brewers @ Cubs

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Hey, Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Clubbers, come back this afternoon at 2:20 for Walkoff Walk's very first liveglog of a game (in North America) that counts in the standings, as the Milwaukee Brewers visit the Chicago Cubs. Your pitching matchup today is Jeff Suppan versus Ted Lilly; let's see if the bullpens can get the job done if either team has a close lead late today. If you haven't registered as a commenter yet and you want to join in on the fun, please read this helpful combudsman post. We'd love to have you follow along with me as I struggle to figure out what's going on in a game I'm listening to on the radio.

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So where do they get their burgers in Chicago? Does Jay Mariotti spit in them personally?


I'll be there leading the Fuckudome chants!!!

Who doesn't love a good Fuckudome chant?

I promise not to post any pictures of Dusty Baker in Cubs regalia.


That type of thing only happens these days in Seattle, and only to Steelers fans.


Fuckudome's 2008 stats:
162 HR
486 RBI
486 H
162 R
1.000 AVG

yet the Cubs will go 0-162

Nice, I have Lilly and Hart on my fantasy team, so I'll post on everything they do.

Thank you so much. I feel like I've made a difference in the world... u know, besides keeping all those brewery workers employed.

Now excuse me while I cross my fingers, knock on wood, and pray to 8 different deities that Fukakke is not this year's Tuffy Rhodes.

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