A Supermarket in California: Today's Afternoon Game

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  • 2:20, Rockies at Cubs: Hooray for Wrigley Field Friday afternoon games! The Cubs seek to continue their crushing dominance over the National League West as they go for win number five in a row over the hapless division. The Rockies are already in "lets play out the season and wait for Jesus to save our hides" mode, and they're throwing their best pitcher into the fire. Aaron Cook is 3-1 with a 2.82 ERA in his career against the Cubs but this will be his first time pitching in IvyTown USA. Hope the wind is blowing in, Aaron! The Cubs' pitcher of choice today is Ted Lilly, who is just slightly less shitty at home than he is on the road.

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Man, even I would kill to be in Wrigley on a Friday afternoon getting drunk.

Instead of being in my office on a Friday afternoon doing rails off my desk.

Lost in the supermarket? Can't shop happily? Tough shit.

Sky rockets in flight

Don't worry. According to ChicagoSports, "They're taking the trap off the field now."
Damn, dirty rodents.

PaleHose, I'd punch a baby to be working with you right now.

And hey, who told Todd Helton it was 2000? Three-run tater tot.

Am I the only one still at work? Dammit. 8-1 Rox in the fifth.

I'm going to keep updating this for my own enjoyment. To hell with you all.

I am just going to say this turned out very well. That is all.

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