Angry Blogging With The Seattle Mariners

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sadgirl.JPGPart of coming into our own here at WoW has been reading and critiquing other writers/bloggers. We've pointed out things we've liked and things we haven't. Seattle Times writer Geoff Baker has garnered a few words from us, both positive and negative. For better or worse, the guy engages with his readers and commenters in way not seen in any other newspaper blog.

All that being said: FOR CHRISSAKES GEOFF. CHEER UP WILL, YA? It's not been the easiest of years for the Mariners so far, but each day Baker assaults my good cheer via the headlines appearing in my RSS reader. Here is a sample of some Eeyore-like procamations made in 20 pt. font over the past couple weeks.

  • On The Brink
  • Another Start Wasted
  • Long Days Ahead
  • White Sox Aftermath
  • Could Have Been Worse
  • The Long Road Home
  • Painful Loss
  • Coming Undone
  • Terrible Loss
Geoff, get down off the building, man! You're a sportswriter, you don't write songs for Earth Crisis. Although "White Sox Aftermath" would make a pretty kickass metalcore song.

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"White Sox Aftermath" would make a pretty kickass metalcore song.

And play strongly to our Meth-head fan base.

You forgot "Losing Ugly" from today.

Man I wish I could lose my ugly, then I'd finally be a hit with the ladies.

Rejected Baker Headlines:
-Nothing feels like it used to
-I don't want to go on living
-A 9MM DOES taste like nickels
-Are you there God? It's me, Geoff

That video is crazy boring

Somebody stop this guy before he Cobains himself.

Everyone knows Courtney Love wrote all of Cobain's music.

Current mood: Depressed :'(
Current listening: Elliott Smith, "Needle in the Hay"

Shh, guys, come on. His girlfriend just dumped him. And they like, went ALL THE WAY.

Were I a Mariners fan, I would be hoping for a firestorm to purify.


It's gotta be All Out War in that clubhouse.

Ask Geoff about the "White Jays" circa 2004 - I'm sure that column is one of his favourites...

I would think the Rockies would be more into Earth Crisis, Gomorrah's Season Ends and all that

I would have thought the Rockies were the team into Earth Crisis. Gomorrah's Season Ends seems to be on message...

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