As A Kid I Believed In Democracy: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 12:15, Cubs at Reds: Rob continues his fascination with all things Dusty today. First, he'll be liveblogging this game for you, then he's going to take out the 12 year old condom in his wallet and look at it. But I digress. It's Jon Leiber and his 1.86 ERA (?) against Endinson Volquez and his 1.27 ERA. Since I just made a point of talking how good they've been I predict an 11-11 tie by the second inning. Should be fun.

  • 3:10, Mets at Dodgers: The Dodgers will try and get the brooms out today. Mainly because Jonathan Broxton has been scarfing Triscuits all over the locker room, but also because they look to sweep the Mets in this 3 game series. This would be LA's third sweep in the last 4 series which is damned impressive. They sit 3 games back of the once invincible looking Snakes. Brad Penny takes the hill against John "Alyssa Milano? Why yes, I did Bangor" Maine.

  • 3:35, Orioles at A's: After stopping by Farthammer's for a couple gallons of malt liquor, Joe Blanton looks to lead the A's to a sweep of fast sinking Orioles. Life was good in Baltimore for a couple weeks (well, not really but the O's were playing well) but everyone is coming back to earth, and earth reeks of crabs. So far disappointing Jeremy Guthrie takes the ball for the Birds.

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Dusty is going to end up giving Rob carpal tunnel syndrome.

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