Asdrubal Cabrera's Triple Play

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As you've heard by now, Asdrubal Cabrera turned an unassisted triple play last evening. Coupled with Cliff Lee's nine innings of shutout ball it was a failsafe recipe for victory defeat. Here's the pertinent Indians triple play history. Footage below.

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Not to do the whole "WHAT NO LOVE FOR" thing, but Fausto Carmona also threw nine innings of shutout ball yesterday, and they actually won that game. Just sayin'.

I had to stop at about 18 seconds into it, when I saw the wedding ring.

Hey CTC I think you mixed up the URLs for those YouTu...oh I see what you did there.

I don't think the little Rangers are even on the radar over here. Beating up Bedard, drawing 13 walks and still needing a walkoff hr to win? Easily the best game of the day, all apologies to Asdrubal.


While Ron Washington is the official manager of WoW, I think Tim McMahon from the Dallas Morning News summed it up best:

"As a result, the Rangers celebrated their sixth win in seven games. They'll worry about minor details like allowing a dozen runs in back-to-back games later."

If Karma is any indication, all of us Cleveland Sports fans must have stood as a mob in front of Pilate chanting "Crucify him" several lifetimes back.

I take umbrage at that statement! The Rangers are most certainly on our radar.

I fear you may need a new official manager come mid-july when the Rangers will surely be at least 104 games back, but as a faithful reader I will have to take whatever crumbs fall through the cracks whilst we get hit in the crotch or beaten by the sox, yankees, or tigers until then.

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