Baseball Before Bedtime: Slow Turning

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Here's what happened in baseball while bangin' like Charlie Watts:

Reds 7, Marlins 6 (10): Something wacky happened in a Reds game so you just knew I was going to tell you about it. Brandon Phillips led the Cincy offense to a 6-0 lead over Florida, giving Bronson Arroyo a chance to notch his third win after seven shutout innings. But, lo! What light from yonder bullpen breaks? It is Mike Lincoln and Francisco Cordero and they gave up 6 runs to send the game into extras! In the tenth, Johnny Cueto pinch ran for catcher David Ross and scored the winning run on rookie Paul Janish's single. Janish was just called up today to replace Jeff Keppinger and his borkened knee.

Indians 2, Athletics 0: Everything's coming up Ohio, especially for Cleveland's starters. C.C. Sabathia hurled a 5 hit shutout, extending the Indians starting rotation's streak to 43 and 1/3 scoreless innings. They're like five Orel Hershisers, except not quite as white. Grady Sizemore and Ryan Garko provided the offense with solo ding dongs off A's pitcher Joe Blanton.

Dodgers 6, Brewers 4: A day after bringing Eric "Mental Break" Gagne back to the closer role to earn a save, manager Ned Yost takes his own mental break and rests Gagne in favor of Guillermo "We Have Forgiven You For All Your Steroid Eating" Mota. Well whoopsie-doodles all around because Mota gave up the game-winning two-run double to Juan Pierre, followed by an RBI groundout to Andruw "All I Want Are Fried Plantains" Jones. Also earning a nickname tonight, Takashi "Jonathan Broxton Will Never Take My Job" Saito.

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Any of Cleveland's top three starters could win the Cy Young this year.

From todays Plain Dealer:

The streak is the longest since the Tribe's rotation went 48 straight innings without allowing a run in August of 1948.

For the record, the Indians have thrown shutouts in two straight games, four of the last five and five of the last eight. They lead the big leagues with seven shutouts.

Brett Myers was giving out ding dongs like it was Christmas.

I don't want to be at your house on December 25th, Matt.

Fausto Carmona has no shot at winning the Cy Young.


Bert Jansch > Paul Janish'

I watched the first few inning of the Phillies game with my dad last night and I almost stabbed him when he started talking about how much he likes Chipper Jones. Then I felt bad, because I realized the dementia is beginning to set in.

@Clare: You can always claim mental deficiency because of your dementia. oh, wait...

My dad loves Chipper Jones too. I think it's a dad thing.

I'd like to extend an invite to Papa Clare and Papa CTC to come over and watch Chipper anytime. Beers on me.

Fausto has the 8th best ERA in the AL right now. He has been getting better as the season goes on. He is unlikely to win the Cy Young, but no way you can say he's not at least in the race.

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