Baseball Before Bedtime: This Is All I Came To Do

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Here's what happened in baseball while you took my m-m-m-mind as well.

  • Braves 4, Mets 2: Johan Santana had a 2-0 lead going into the seventh and BLEW IT, DUDE. He gave up 3 runs including a go ahead hit from Chipper Jones. Braves complete the four game sweep.

  • Yankees 2, Orioles 1: Robinson Cano had the game winning hit in the bottom of the 9th. Joe Girardi got ejected in the top of that inning and I'm sure lots of Yankee fan meatheads think that's why the won. Yuh gotta have fiah when yuh coach da Yanks. Ian Kennedy scattered 4 hits and 4 BBs in 6 innings of one run ball.

  • Marlins 4, D'Backs 0: The Marlins completed their somewhat surprising sweep of the Snakes, just like Rob predicted. Andrew Miller pitched the complete game seven shutout innings.

As Mike Doughty once said, today is the ride up to the plunge down. Lots of people already out of the office for Memorial Day, Rob being one. I'll be your lackadaisical captain for the rest of Lazy Friday.

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Meet the Mets
Greet the Mets
Step right up and sweep the Mets

So you get a "complete game" now for pitching 7 innings for the Marlins? I believe that's how Hillary counts in Florida too.


When the guy who finishes the game has the same last name as the guy who finishes the game, the spokes and reels in CTC's brain get jammed up and it reads them both as the same guy.

It's like the Y2K bug, only for drunks.


Ha. Fixed. I'm an idiot. To be fair Justin Miller agreed not to count his innings long before the game was even played, now he's just trying to go back on it.

I only care because I was about to bite and take Andrew Miller off waivers (needless to say, I'm in second-to-last). Oh wait, I can talk about fantasy baseball since Rob's away, right?

Yes, when Rob's away we can talk fantasy, when I'm away you guys can post pictures of your taints. Them's the rules.

What's the ruling on posting pics of taints we have fantasies about?

If you can find a picture of Carlos Baerga's taint then more power to you, Chief.

I recently had a close encounter with Robbie Alomar but didn't get the taint:

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