Baseball Before Bedtime: Wall of Death

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Here's what happened in baseball as you let me take my chances:

Braves 5, Padres 4: Atlanta came within one pitch of shrimp video goodness but Matt Diaz decided a walkoff single would win more praises than a mere walkoff walk. Allow me to register my disagreement, Mr. Diaz! Anyway, the Braves got off the superschneid that was a nine-game losing streak in one-run games and beat the Dads down in Hotlanta for the sweep. That's eleven losses for San Diego's bullpen. Manny Acosta got the win but with six relievers picking up the pieces after Jo-Jo Reyes left with an ouchie, I'm going to award the win to Bobby Cox for not getting tossed.

Yankees 6, Indians 3: It took three games but the Yankees finally decided to bring out their ding dong bats against Cleveland pitching. Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon, Wilson Betemit, Robinson Cano, and Federico the hot dog guy all collected tater tots off Paul Byrd and the Indians relievers. Mike Mussina got the win but Ross Ohlendorf and Joba Chamberlain were pretty pretty good in relief. Can we get these guys a coupla holds? Don't look now but Hideki Matsui has a 17-game hitting streak. Seriously, stop looking.

Diamondbacks 8, Phillies 3: Eight is great for Arizona. Brandon Webb notched his 8th win in his eight starts as the Diamondbacks scored 8 runs behind Chris Young's 8th home run and the New Pornographers (who have eight members) performed in Tucson last year. Brett Myers, who has totally lost velocity on his fastball since my sister stalked him in Clearwater, took the loss, giving up seven runs on nine hits and three walks in just five innings. 7-9-3-5? THAT WON THE NEW JERSEY PICK 4 TONIGHT

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Giambi has six homers and three are off of Paul Byrd. Is there some sort of weird reverse-magnetism property to HGH that we don't know about?

Also, Joba? Blow me, you obnoxious, screaming, showboating piece of shit. I don't need you celebrating every strikeout like you just defeated Custer, okay? Wrap yourself up in a smallpox-laden blanket and go away.

You've got some bold opinions.

Wow so do I!

He also has two tater tots off Mike Timlin this season.

Andy Bernard put Jo-Jo Reyes to shame.

(first 6 game winning streak in 2 years!)

Thanks, NBC, for showing me those blisters in high-def!

To be fair, I was equally annoyed by Manny's showboating tactics, even when he was on the Tribe. To quote Coach Parcells: "Act like you've been there before".

The only showboating tactics I dislike are when the dealers at the Showboat shuffle after only 3 hands. Boo!

Manny think you're all a bunch of stiffs. He told me that from his velvet bouncehouse last offseason.


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