Baseball Before Bedtime: We've Got A Lot To Be Glad For

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Here's what happened in baseball while we wouldn't stop running.

  • Rays 2, Yankees 1: Ladies and germs, your first place Tampa Bay Rays. You're going to be hearing about this non fucking stop today all throughout Blogylvania. It will ring from basement to shining to basement that with the Red Sox loss and this extra innings victory the Rays are in first place in the AL East for the first time in their history (excluding the first week of the season). Chien Ming Wang pitched 7 innings of 1 run ball for the Yankees, but Edwin Jackson did him one better, going seven scoreless. The Yankees tied it, but in the top of the 11th, Cliff Floyd led off with a single, Jonny Gomes ran for him and stole second, and Gabe "Is" Gross drove in the only run Mariano Rivera has allowed all year. Ballgame.

  • Brewers 5, Dodgers 3: Ryan Braunn continued to mash and hit a go ahead two run double in the fifth. The Milwaukee bullpen held the lead for... DUHDUH DUH DUHHHH! Eric Gagne. Gagne had himself an adventure that included hits, passed balls and fielders choices, but he got the job done. Save completed. Oh we knew we had it in him all along, didn't we kids?

  • Indians 4, A's 0: This Indians pitching is finally catching on. Paul Byrd went seven scoreless and the bullpen followed suit giving the Tribe yet another shutout. Previously lousy Travis Hafner had two hits and an RBI, Ryan Garko hit a 3 run DING DONG. Asdrubal Cabrera made a couple of nice plays but each one was only worth a single out. Slacker.

  • Phillies 5, Braves 4: The Braves are a lot like my beloved Celtics. They can't win on the road lately. With last night's lost they've now dropped 8 out of 9 away from the Ted. Jayson Werth had 4 RBI but nearly played Ba Ba Black Sheep after misplaying a Brian McCann line drive in the ninth. It turned into an RBI double, and the first run allowed by Brad Lidge all season. Lidge walked the next batter and the Brotards were getting tense. Lidge then got Francouer to fly out and the living was once again easy in CBP.

  • Padres 4, Cubs 3: Holy shit, Shawn T. Estes got the win for San Diego?? That is shocking. Khalil Green knocked in 3 but damn... SHAWN T. ESTES?

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I was sorely mistaken when I predicted third place for the Red Sox.

I think Asdrubal was bit by an atomic spider.

It was also their 16th consecutive 1 run loss in a road game.

But hey Chipper went 3/4 and JoJo pitched the best game of his young career.

That two day break really did wonders for Gagne.

I was at last night's Phillies game. In his first at bat, Ry Ho struck out and got roundly booed (NOT BY ME). In his second at bat, he hit an RBI double and hauled ass from second to score a run.

Negative feedback: It works!

Negative feedback works? Hmm...let's try it:


BAHAHAHA. Shawn Testes!

Also, when I started obsessing over Evan Longoria last season, it was with the understanding that I would be able to enjoy him WITHOUT said enjoyment conflicting with my team's standings. What gives, Evan?

I love you too, Iracane.

You got a better Shawn Estes joke? If so trademark that shit, because it's probably GOLD.

Wait that's not really his middle name?


/kills self

I think the Braves passed their inability to win on the road to the Hawks who then infected the Celts.

matt_T: at the risk of being accused of shameless blog hawkery, I feel I must direct you here. Not my post!

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