Bears In Space: Cubs vs. Astros

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space bear.jpgWell, interleague is over for a little while. What will we do with ourselves now!!11? How about look at some series that have actual impact on division races? Sounds good to me, and the Chicago at Houston looks like a good place to start.

Houston inserted themselves back into the anything goes NL Central race with a 7-3 road trip and returns tonight to begin a 7 game homestand. Lance Berkman is on a tear of historic proportions, but teammate Hunter Pence has a 16 game hitting streak of his own. The pitching got knocked around by the Rangers in the first two games of their interleague series, but the team rebounded with a 5-4 victory yesterday.

The Cubs are similarly hot going 8-2 in their last 10, and have perhaps the second hottest hitter in baseball in Alfonso Soriano. They're sitting in first place with a 2 game lead over the middling Cards and 2.5 ahead of these 'Stros. The pitching matchups shake out like this.

  • Tonight: Lilly vs. Moehler
  • Tomorrow: Dempster vs. Sampson
  • Wednesday: Gallagher vs. Chacon

Lilly is having his best stretch in recent memory. He's won his last 4 starts, striking out 32 and walking but 6. Moehler's made two starts since coming out of the bullpen. While he's been unspectacular, the Astros have won both.

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Remember a few years ago when the A's were the greatest interleague team ever? That was an awesome time to be alive.

Teddy bears dressed up as things are awesome.

I think YOU'RE awesome.

All Cubs previews, all the time, at Walkoff Walk.

Is it Gallagher or Gallagher Too on Wed?

Here, for example, is a teddy bear dressed as me -- right down to the plaid skirt from when I went to Catholic school! The tiny bottle of Jameson is sold separately.


Anytime, FMRA. I am so full of love right now; being done with moving and all. I just wanna kiss everyone.

Also, what is the disease where you look hecka old even though you're only 12 years old? Progeria? Well, Ted Lilly has the opposite of that.

I think that disease was called "Jack" Robin Williams had it.

Damn you, matt_T, for reminding me of not only that movie, but of Robin Williams. Hey, do another John Wayne impression followed by a southern evangelist!

thank you CTC for covering the cubs

What's the name of the disease where you look like a 12-year-old emo girl? Tim Lincecum has that.

@ Farthammer: Don't forget the part where he humorously points out, by way of an impression, how homosexual men are somewhat flamboyant, then follows that up w/ a munchkin voice!

That's my favorite.

bowie's in space


I can't believe he did a lot of coke.

FMRA, that was a funny right there.

@futuremrsrickankiel - Heroin is a disease now?

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